ABOUT Services

Ignis Imageworks
is a wholly owned subsidiary of
Silicon Studio Corporation
wide range of genres from
which is founded by a former senior executive of Silicon Graphics.

Ignis Imageworks is a full-service CG studio born from the technology pioneer, Silicon Studios.  We service three main sectors – Gaming, Television & Film and Industrial clients.

CG Asset

We strive to produce appropriate CG assets for each application, whether for video, games, interactive contents, or various simulators. We can handle everything from small-lot initial prototypes to large-lot mass production phases.

  • Modeling

    We produce a wide variety of 3DCG models, including human, animal, architectural, and natural terrain models. We can handle a wide range of applications, from movies to games, regardless of whether they are celluloid or photorealistic.

  • Setup

    We design and skin the appropriate bone structure and build the rigs for the use of the set-up created models.
    We have a lot of experience in pre-render and real-time simulation applications.

  • Animation

    We can create hand-tailored animations.
    We create animations using motion capture.

  • Effect

    We can handle both high-end VFX for pre-render and real-time VFX for in-game, utilizing our knowledge of both effects DCC tools and real-time engines.
    We also support real-time VFX for in-game. We have years of experience in this field.

Production Achievements


We can produce videos for a variety of platforms.
We can handle everything from direction to production.

  • Real-time movie production

    We produce movies using a real-time engine.
    We have experience with in-game event movies and AR & VR contents.

  • Pre-rendered movie production

    We produce movies using DCC tools.
    We have experience in various video contents using full 3DCG & live-action compositing.

Production Achievements


We have become a company  with strong development capabilities in the visual field by applying the expressive power we have cultivated in the entertainment industry.
By leveraging the synergy of the Silicon Studio Group, we are improving productivity and expanding our areas of expertise.
We are able to quickly plan, develop, and produce in-house.

  • HMI Development Support

    We have experience in simulator development support, HUD development support, and UX/UI design production.

  • Deep Learning

    We have experience in developing applications for generating data for learning.

  • 3D point cloud data

    We have experience in producing accurate large-scale city data based on point clouds. We are capable of accurate modeling with or without LiDAR data, such as reproduction of buildings of major public institutions, using a variety of methods.
    We also have extensive experience in the development of lightweight viewers for point clouds and construction support tools.

  • Event, exhibition, and exposition content development

    We have developed signage software.
    We have experience in AR/VR application development and its content production for events that attract large crowds.

  • Application development using AWS

    We developed a customer/photography data management system.
    We have experience in building rendering pipelines using Deadline.

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